“It’ll Be Easy”

Jessica looks between the two men. The shock of her new situation has finally worn off, disappointment comes easily in her life. I can’t waste this chance As far as she could see it’s either go with these strangers or risk being here in this hole forever. Heaven forbid she go back to the actual… Continue reading “It’ll Be Easy”



7:08 Peter walks into Sally’s Hotel, winks at the clerk working the desk and heads down the hall to his room. (Jessica sees the time and rises from her bed)   7:15 Peter works on opening the window, sealed with paint, without making too much noise. (Jessica exits the shower and starts to clothe herself… Continue reading 8:00

Room 263

“Be ready at 7:50”   With those words the door slammed to the “dormitory” as it was called, more like a cell than a dorm. One day… Jessica thought as she resigned herself to another night. She had hoped this night would be slow, like the past two others. Not tonight, 7:50 was her deadline.… Continue reading Room 263

One Day

Tears were all that came easy these days. Jessica feels them flowing as she shuts the door to her room and collapses on her bunk, hers is the bottom of a three tier stack of beds in a room with five other stacks. The other girls in the room glance briefly before returning to sleep… Continue reading One Day